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 "Fare Thee Well,

           my honey.."


My name is Wesley and I established Mellow Bear Honey LLC in 2021 by combining my passion for honey bees and the healing capabilities of Cannabis.  Raw Honey is not only medicinal, but it's an absolute super food and is the healthiest carrier on the market.  I took two passions of mine and combined them together creating Mellow Bear Honey!

I help lead our local bee club and teach classes on how to be a successful beekeeper. I catch all my bees in the wild or when people call me to rescue them from their property.  I take care of the bees by ensuring they are healthy and pest free.  The majority of the sales from Mellow Bear Honey, goes right back to the bees and honey bee conservation.  Thank you for supporting these essential little creatures.

Cannabis is a natural holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals and mixing its properties with Raw Honey creates a new product like no other.   I only use pure raw honey which is a simple sugar meaning your body will absorb the honey through chemical digestion, taking the THC with it.  The effects are felt much faster and is naturally stronger since it bypasses your liver.  This honey goes through a totally different process than anything else on the market and is the healthiest carrier of THC compared to high fructose corn syrup or process sugar.

Mellow Bear Honey has an attached Full Certificate of Analysis from a DEA certified lab (Kaycha) showing the honey is federally legal and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill (AKA Hemp Bill).    This is the healthiest and purest way of activating your THC and Cannabinoid receptors, which all mammals are naturally born with. If you experience anything from Appetite loss - Zzz problems, Mellow Bear Honey might be a good alternative. 

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. I thank you very much for your business and my bees appreciate your support!















Beekeeping and Budtending With Mellow Bear Delta-8 Honey

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