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Black top 12oz Bear Bottle of Raw Unfiltered Honey infused with 3600mg Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC.  There are 72 servings of 50mg inside each bear which is based off a teaspoon.  This is the strongest honey I make with the amount of THC to not take away from the quality and taste of the honey.  Each bear comes in its own carry bag with a metal serving spoon to help get the correct serving.  This spoon is 1/3 serving which is recommened for a first sample to guage the effects of the honey.  All orders are shipped with information and an attached Certificate of Analysis from a DEA certified lab.

12oz Bear Bottle 50mg per serving - 3600mg total

SKU: 0004
$140.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
  • 12oz Bear Bottle, equal to 72 honey sticks of Pure Raw Unfiltered Honey infused with Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC.  Each serving is 1 teaspoon and contains 50mg of Delta-8.  The squeeze bear bottle contains 72 servings.  Comes with a burlap carrying bag, stainless steel collectors teaspoon, honey label and printed Certificate of Analysis. 

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