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This is the strongest Delta-8 honey I currently make due to the amount of THC and adding any more would take away from the quality and taste of the honey.


Black top 12oz Bear Bottle of Raw Unfiltered Honey infused with 3600mg Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC.  This is equal to buying four of the 2oz bears, but getting 12oz for the same price. There are 72 servings of 50mg inside each bear which is based off a "teaspoon of honey". 


This is the strongest honey I make with the amount of THC to not take away from the quality and taste of the honey.  Each bear comes in its own carry bag with a metal serving spoon to help get the correct serving.  This spoon is 1/3 serving which is recommened for a first sample to guage the effects of the honey.  All orders are shipped with information and an attached Certificate of Analysis from a DEA certified lab.

12oz Bear Bottle 50mg per serving - 3600mg total

SKU: 0004
$140.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
  • 12oz Bear Bottle, equal to 72 honey sticks of Pure Raw Unfiltered Honey infused with Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC.  Each serving is 1 teaspoon and contains 50mg of Delta-8.  The squeeze bear bottle contains 72 servings.  Comes with a burlap carrying bag, stainless steel collectors teaspoon, honey label and printed Certificate of Analysis. 

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